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Officer's Quarters Renovations

Location: Marine Barracks 8th & I - Washington, DC
Owner: United States Marine Corp
Architect: Samaha Associates, P.C.

Whole House Revitalization, Quarters 1, 3 & 6

Interior renovations at Quarters 1, 3, and 6 included: selective demolition of flooring, walls, and ceilings as required to reconfigure spaces and allow for the installation of new heating, cooling, sprinkler, life safety, power and telecommunications systems; installation of new water services to each quarters to supply water source for new sprinkler system; removal of asbestos floor tile; removal of lead-based paint on doors and frames; flashpatching concrete floors at the basement; selected removal and repair of masonry; installation of chimney liners, exhaust fans and make up air units; removal and replacement of vanity and kitchen cabinets; removal and replacement of selected wood base and crown moldings, refurbishment of existing door hardware, repairs to plaster walls and ceilings; removal and replacement of wood windows and doors using force protection standards; removal and replacement of ceramic tile at bathrooms; installation of new resilient tile flooring; installation of new kitchen exhaust hood; removal and replacement of HVAC systems; installation of a new wet pipe sprinkler system; installation of new smoke detector/fire alarms, power and telecommunications.  Additionally Quarters 6 exterior work included the installation of a handicap lift and modification to exterior stairs and entry.